A Standard NY Home Inspection – Be Prepared

All my students can attest to the drumbeat of my voice telling them over and over the importance of making the home inspection process a routine.

“Establish a system and follow it the same way every time!

Even though every house is different and new situations arise with every inspection, a routine will guide you through the surprises and help ensure that nothing is overlooked.”

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Don’t Just “Look Around” – Do the Home Inspection

I have a practice inspection (or mock inspection) for my classroom students each week.

This offers them the opportunity to perform an inspection, write a report, and then come back to class and have the whole class and me view and critique their report.

This gives each student feedback on his or her inspection and report writing skills – or lack thereof…

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The “Upset” Email from a Home Inspection Client

Often when a client has a problem with your Home Inspection they notify you by way of an email.

People generally don’t call with complaints because they are afraid of the confrontation.

There is nothing wrong with contacting someone via email but we hope that the first contact is not notification that we are being taken to court.

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Practice Does Not Make Perfect

I recently had the opportunity to review another inspector’s Home Inspection Report.

One of my students is selling his grandmother’s house and the student brought me the report that one prospective buyer had used to get out of the transaction.

The report I saw was created by a Home Inspector that I know.

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How to Inspect a Private Well in NY

Home Inspectors conduct inspections along a set of SOP’s or Standards of Practice.

These establish some boundaries to tell inspectors and clients what is involved in a Home Inspection and what is not.

These boundaries are not always hard and fast, no matter how clearly they are worded.

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Include “Concerns” on Your Home Inspection Report

Home Inspectors are not contracted to find all the correct and proper construction and components of a house.

They are hired to seek out the problems.

When these problems, aka defects, are found the home the inspector must include them in the home inspection report.

In my reporting system I report all defects found in the home in the “concern box”.

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